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Information Required before Mediation

  • Mediation briefs shall be submitted at least (10) business days before the mediation date and shall not exceed 5 pages.

  • The parties are requested to share their mediation briefs. Matters deemed confidential should be submitted separately to the Mediator.

  • In order to avoid any possibility of comprising the confidentiality of the request, please use a separate e-mail string to submit all confidential comments and exhibits and add “CONFIDENTIAL” in the subject line.


Briefs should include:

  • A list of facts: No more than one page.

  • Legal claims and basis therefor: No more than two pages, please.

  • Argument: No more than 2 pages.

  • A copy of the operative complaint (if in litigation), and

  • Settlement demands and offers, if any.


Mediation Fees

The Mediation Fee is due and payable to the Mediator at least 21 days prior to date of Mediation or upon scheduling the Mediation if the Mediation is scheduled fewer than 21 days in advance.

  • The Mediation Fee is refundable if the mediation is cancelled prior to 14 days of the Mediation.

  • If a cancelled Mediation date is rescheduled, there will be no additional fee.



Each party should provide one date and time (and one alternate date and time) for a conference call with each party 5 days before the date of the Mediation Hearing.

Mediation is strictly Confidential. Confidentiality extends to all matters discussed with the Mediator and at the Mediation.

NOTE: For more information of the CONFIDENTIALITY OF MEDIATION please visit the California State Legislature's website or click the following California Evidence Code 1115-1128.